The FC3400 Access Control Terminal consists of a PCB board, a power supply, and a rechargeable battery. The FC3400 is mainly installed in important facilities because it has a large event storage capacity and can prevent sudden interruption of power supply. In addition, the access control terminal(FC3400) has a control function, so you have to connect a separate reader (fingerprint reader, RF card reader, or keypad reader) and control four doors. In order to operate as access control system, it should be configured as control terminal(FC3400), reader, access control program(GuardEyes), peripheral device (EM / deadbolt lock, exit button). It is mainly installed and used when strict access control or management is required for a large number of doors, such as a large factory, a government office, or a building. In addition, if necessary, it can also be connected with fire detection system and CCTV camera system for strict access control.
  Areas requiring restricted access and simple attendance management such as government offices, offices, factories, buildings, laboratories, and financial institutions
Model FC3400(4 doors)
CPU 400MHz 32bit Microprocessor(ARM9)
Memory Program Memory 64MByte SDRAM
Data Memory

128Mbyte NAND Flash Memory

Power Power Supply

(Input) AC100-240 free voltage,
(Output) 13.5V, 2A(Minimum 0.2A, Peak Current 4A)

Main PCB DC12V / over 1.5A
Communicaton RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet(TCP/IP)
Baud Rate

19,200bps(default), 4,800bps, 9,600bps, 38,400bps, 57,600bps (selectable)

User RF card 200,000 users
Fingerprint 30,000-40,000users(based on model FM1000/2000)
Event Buffer 400,000 event Buffers
Reader Port 4ea Weigand : 26bit ~ 96bit automatic identification, 4/8bit Burst for PIN, 1ea sub-reader port : RS422, fingerprint reader and R/W Mifare card
Input Port 16ea(exit button 4媛, door sensor 4ea, other 8ea intrusion detection, fire alarm etc)
Output Port Relay output 4ea / 120VAC 0.5A, 24VDC 1A TTL output 8ea / DC5V, rating max. 40mA
LED Indicator 21 LED indicators(communication status 8ea, relay output 4ea, power 1ea, Operating conditions and self-check results 7Segment LED 4ea)
Beeper Piezo buser
Expansion I/O Board 8 doors I/O Board

Dimension PCB/Case
(W x H x T)

156x180x22mm / 325x325x63mm

300g(pcb only), 3.2Kg(incl. PCB, Power Supply, Rechargeable Battery, Steel Case),

  - KC, CE, FCC certified
  - Function to register, save, change and delete user ID / fingerprint / card / password
  - Function to display user's access sign in real time
  - Function to store and recover a list of registered users and installed controllers in preparation for
  pc failure / replacement
  - Function to remotely control the door (temporary opening, opening continuously, closing)
  - Emergency notification function for emergency occurrence of forced breakage / forced opening of door
  - Alarm function when installing and connecting fire detector
  - Time limit access and simple time attendance management function
  - Restrict access to the door according to the user's position or role
  - There is mobile number registration / deletion function which connects mobile for remote management.
  - There are many other setting functions. 혻End