Areas requiring restricted access and simple time/attendance management such as government offices, offices, factories, buildings, laboratories and financial institutions.
- KC, CE, FCC certified
  FM2000 has built-in recognition (fingerprint and RF card) function and control function, and it guides to voice during operation. The fingerprint is recognized by the optical method, and the RF card can be used both as an EM card and as a Mifare card. FM2000 can be connected to the program (GuardEyes) by TCP / IP communication and can control access control as well as simple time attendance. And you can install and use it alone without internet connection. To install the FM2000 as an access control system, you must have a GuardEyes program, a lock device, and an access button.
Power Consumption Max. DC 12 짹 3 V 300 mA
Communication Interface 10/100 base ethernet
Fingerprint Sensor Optical Sensor
1:1 Verification Time

800 msec

1: 1,000 Identification Time 970 msec
Template Size 256~384 Bytes (configurable, 384 Bytes default)
Template Capacity 1,900 at 1 MB flash (option: 9,500 at 4 MB flash)
RF Card Interface/ Event Log Max. 65,000 / Max. 100,000
Display 3 Color LED
Keypad Finger Start button
Memory / CPU 16MB RAM, 16MB flash Memory, 2MB boot ROM / 32 Bit RISC CPU
Signal Interface 1 Output (lock) 2 Input (lock status,Exit button) Wiegand Output
System Software Access Control and Time Attendance
Operating Environment -20~50째C/Lower than 90% RH(Non-Condensing)
RF Reader 125 KHz RF reader or 13.56 MHz RF reader
Dimensions(Unit: mm) 76(W) x 112(H) x 37(D)
  - Function to register, save, change, and delete user's fingerprint/card
  - Ability to display user's access sign in real time
  - Function to store and recover a list of registered users and installed controllers in preparation for pc failure/replacement
  - Function to save registered user and installed product list as Excel file
  - Function to remotely control doors (temporary opening, closing open, closing closed)
  - Emergency notification function for emergency occurrence of forced breakage/forced opening of door
  - Alarm function when installing and connecting fire detector
  - Limit access to the door by hour and simple time attendance management function
  - Restrict access to door according to registered user's position or role
  - There is mobile number registration / deletion function which connects mobile for remote management.
  - There are many other setting functions.