Areas requiring restricted access and simple Time and Attendance management such as Government offices, Offices, Factories, Buildings, Laboratories, and Financial institutions
- KC, CE, FCC certified
  The FR200 operates with built-in recognition(RF card/password) and control functions, and displays text on the LCD and guides you through the voice. FR200 is connected to PC(GuardEyes installed) via TCP/IP communication, and can control access control as well as simple time and attendance management. If necessary, you can install and use it independently without an Internet connection. The built-in touch sensor displays numbers/symbols, guides you through the voice, and makes the numbers /symbols invisible when needed. The access control system consists of FR200 GuardEyes program, lock device(EM lock or dead bolt lock) and exit button as a network, and it has strict access control and time and attendance management.
Effective Distance(Mifare/EM Card) 4cm / 5cm (Based on ISO cards)
Storing capacity Up to 100,000 cards/passwords / 1,000,000 events
Unlock time 5 Seconds (Adjustable)
Door lock type

Power Fail Safe or Power Fail Secure

Exit button Input of 1 exit button(Activating when low)
LCD/Audio guidance LCD / Built-in Speaker
Power(Excluding door lock) DC 12V, Power consumption: 150mA~350mA
Operating environments -20꼦 ~ +65꼦, 0~90% Absolute Humidity
Color / Size (WxHxD) / Weight Black / 73 x 126 x 18mm / 250g
  - Function to register, save, change and delete user ID/card/password
  - Function to display user's access sign in real time
  - Function to store and recover a list of registered users and installed controllers in preparation for pc failure/replacement
  - Function to save registered user and installed product list as Excel file
  - Function to remotely control doors (temporary opening, closing open, closing closed)
  - Emergency notification function for emergency occurrence of forced breakage/forced opening of door
  - Alarm function when installing fire detector
  - Limit access to the door by hour and simple time attendance management function
  - Restrict access to door according to registered user's position or role
  - There is mobile number registration / deletion function which connects mobile for remote management
  - There are many other setting functions. End