The GuardEyes program can be used to build large-scale access control systems as well as small to medium-sized access control systems. You can also manage simple attendance by searching for access events. Also, it has the function of registering / deleting the mobile number that connects the mobile for remote management, so that the door can be managed remotely from the mobile phone. It is installed in Windows OS 7, 8, 10 and operates by TCP / IP(LAN) communication.
  - It has the function to register, save, change and delete ID / fingerprint / card / password of registered user
  - There is a function that shows the registered user's access sign in real time on the main screen.
  - There is a function to save and restore the list of registered users to external USB in preparation for breakage of pc, exchange, etc.
  - There is a function that can save registered user / controller list in excel file and manage it.
  - There is a function to remotely manage the door (temporary opening, opening, closing) from the PC.
  - If the door is forcibly damaged or opened, there is an alarm function displayed in red on the main screen. .
  - When connected to a fire detector, there is a function to display when a fire occurs.
  - There is a time limit and time and attendance management function for the user.
  - Mobile number registration / deletion function to connect mobile for remote management
  - In addition to the above contents, most of functions required for access control are built in
Main screen Controller Registration Screen
Door Reader Registration Screen User registration screen
Time and attendance management history screen