The GuardEyes mobile app is an application that allows you to view and manage the screen contents of the on-site pc with access control system in a specific area on your cell phone. By installing and using the mobile app, you can view the real-time status of access control on the site where the access control system is installed and operate, and you can watch the alarm and breakdown door on your mobile phone in real time when breaking the door (illegal invasion). In addition, an upper level manager of the organization can also view daily commute status in real time, so it is convenient for time & attendance management.
  - You can see the installation history and normal operation status of the products (controllers) with access control system on the screen of the mobile phone
  - In case of breakage (illegal invasion) of the door installed in the field, you can see alarm and breakdown door history in real time. In addition, cctv can be installed in addition to strict and perfect crime prevention design
  - It is convenient to manage the time and attendance of the organization because you can see the time of commute and the working time of the organization personnel with the cell phone
  - For doors equipped with access control systems, you can "open" doors installed remotely from your mobile phone
  Login screen
  Main menu screen
  Installed Terminal Management Screen
  Door management screen
  User management screen
  Entry / exit screen etc.